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Franklin, Norfolk, Wrentham and the surrounding areas.

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Services offered Sunday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM

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 For residential and commercial landscaping services.


Partial to complete
landscaping programs

Partial to complete landscaping programs

Lawn Services

Cutting of lawn, edge trimming, and cleaning off walks and driveways. Every 7-10 days as needed, includes trimming and blowing of all debris.

Spring & Fall Clean-ups

Clean up of yard, clean flower beds, clean bushes, and remove all debris. Leaves are removed and disposed of throughout the fall.


Three choices of mulch color, delivered and spread in areas specified by you. Available Spring/Summer/Fall.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration supplies the soil with air, reduces soil compaction and controls thatch in lawns to help water and fertilizer move into root zone.

Lawn Dethatching

The removal of thatch (dead grass) from lawn. Thatch is bad for your grass as it keeps water and nutrients from seeping down to grassroots.

Slice Seeding

The most effective way to ensure good seed to soil contact and prepare the seed bed at the same time on a new or thin lawn.

Over Seeding

Overseeding is the planting of grass seed directly into existing turf. It is a way to fill in bare spots and improve the density of the turf.

Bushes/Hedges Trimmed

Hedges are trimmed in late May or early June and repeated as needed. Bushes are trimmed during the months of July and August.

Snow Plowing

Our snow plowing service includes the plowing of driveways as well as the shoveling of front stairs, walks and sidewalks.